Personality Profiling - Simplified

Gain New Insight On Your Personal & Work Relationships


The 9 Profiles

What character traits were you born with? You’ll learn both the good with the bad. Learn how those develop throughout your life, and how they can hurt your relationships or enhance them. You will find out more new things about yourself than you ever thought possible.


Business Consultations

Learn how each of your employees best function in the workplace.  Solve conflict easily and quickly. Learn what motivates each profile type, how each communicates, and their management style. Increase tenure, productivity, and employee satisfaction.


Anger Management

Do you find yourself angry all the time? Does it feel like your only emotion when things go wrong? Do you become explosive easily, or over small things? Learn how to take control of your anger.



Ennegram Profiles Sold


Years As A Therapist & Clinical Psychologist


Years of Corporate Management Experience

Simplified For Understandability

The Enneagram system has been around for centuries, is very involved and comprehensive. Dr. Swift has taken the complexity of each of the profiles and simplified them so anyone can immediately begin improving their relationships.

You will receive a 9-10 page profile that details your profile type in an easy to understand format.


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Jody Dow

"The enneagram study and profiles changed how I saw myself as well as those closest to me. Through this study, the struggles in these relationships are no longer viewed as struggles because I have better knowledge of how to communicate with them. Shane and I have both said many times how we wish we had known about the enneagram before we got married as it has truly been life-changing.

Melinda Yoast

"When I first read Dr. Swift’s Enneagram profile, my soul was laid open. It so accurately described me that I felt immediately know. Not only did his profile identify where I was, it showed me why I was impacted by my surroundings and how I can move towards health.”

Andy Thornton

"(Dream Center) The enneagram and Dr. Swift’s profile have been the best personal development and team-building tool I've used. It has given me confidence in my strengths and a great understanding of how stress affects my relationships and communication with others. Understanding ourselves and each other has been a game-changer for the team I work with every day.

"Being a 2 on the Enneagram, I can get lost in the technical components of test results and lose interest. However, having Dr. Swift’s custom profiles of myself and team members helped me understand, on a much more personal level, each of our healthy and unhealthy tendencies and how to interact much better as a team."

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Discover your Enneagram profile, bring more understanding to your relationships.